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BRX Cymbals
The art of cymbal making is a Turkish tradition dating back many hundreds of years ago. Becoming a Cymbal Smith takes patience, dedication, hard work and years of study! There are 3 crucial steps to take...Read more
Online Catolog
You are able to take a visit to our catolog without downloading. ...Read more
Troy Performance Set
The Troy Series are produced in the traditional Turkish way comprising of our B25 composite.  The surface is finely polished and require 3 additional process steps to complete.  These cymbals have an incredible dynamic tone that really need to be heard to be believed, answering to even the slightest touch. ...Read more
Effect Ravda

The Delta Effects series cymbal range is made using the trusted B20 composite and is, for all extensive purposes, comprised of 1/4 section of a normal Custom cymbal. These cymbals have a very unique sound and can be used along with any other cymbal (to create a “stack”) to create an amazing thrashy tone....Read more